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Happy 1 Year to "feel a wav" !

so it's 4:09 am as i write this. i'm currently doing the usual, working, fucking up my sleep schedule lol. but i just wanted to come on and say that the anniversary of "feel a wav" was a complete success ! the amount of love and support and kind words yesterday was a perfect reminder to me of why i do this and just how lucky i am to be in my positions sometimes. there is most definitely a story behind today and if you've got time, i encourae you to stick around ! if not, no worries, i just wanna say thank you for reading this far and know that it's appreciated ! the acoustic version of "feel a wav" as well as an audio video, studio video and part 2 of the black glass interview series are now all available for streaming !

Rxbyn, in a pink hoodie, black beanie and blue jeans walks through the trees of a green forest for the cover of the "feel a wav (acoustic version)" single.
"feel a wav (acoustic version) - Single" by Rxbyn

so the reason yesterday was such a big day for me, was because it marked a milestone for me, my friends, the work we've been doing and more. so basically, whenever we released "feel a wav", while extremely excited, i knew it wasn't quite where i wanted it to be sound-wise. actually, NoHow, who is an amazing friend and partner in all of this, would have many conversations with me about how and where we can improve, knowing our newfound goal. tbh, if it wasn't for him making me feel so comfortable with being patient adn taking my time to learn things and do things properly, i might not have accomplished any of this today. i owe him. that kind of encouragement, support and love is not easy to find especially in business.

anyways, I had Harold come by Madd Ox Studios and record the acoustic guitars for this new version back in January of 2020. it was a weird time for everyone, but I just remember filming it and knowing that it may come in handy for a future endeavor. I was also trying to document everything I could for the album. oh yeah, don't worry. this acoustic version (as well as remixed and remastered version of "feel a wav") will definitely be on the album.

over the next year or so, I barely did anything with the demo version of the acoustic version because I couldn't get the mix right. I was beginning to get discouraged to be quite honest. it wasn't until 2021, when Harold and I had performed the acoustic version live during a local talent competition and received some very kind words, that I decided to try again.

Nickyy Danger's silhouette in front of a bright neon signs for the cover of his 2021 album, "Neon Baby".
"Neon Baby" by Nickyy Danger

I sat down more times to mix and engineer the song properly and couldn't get my vocal right. it was so frustrating. after letting NoHow, Harold and Nickyy Danger, my friend and owner of the studio, hear what I had, they gave me a couple of pointers and notes to get it where I liked. I took my time, we released Nickyy Danger's "Neon Baby" album, learned so much during that process by the way, and I finally had what I needed to come back and mix it properly. after meeting Alex for the "Neon Baby" project through a Spotify ad for, I collaborated with him to master the acoustic version and was so pleased with what he did with it. I was so excited to finally hear a song that was going on two years in the making come to life the way I've always imagined my music to sound amongst other things.

so just know that there has been an entire slew of music that I've been in the process of making for two years now, since right after "WNDW", really, and it's finally sounding good enough to put out for you guys. I cannot wait. in the meantime, pls enjoy "feel a wav", "Neon Baby" and the other music that is out as of now ! it won't be long before there's more. oh yeah, to celebrate the special day, I also decided to upload two of the alternate single artwork covers for "feel a wav" onto the genius album page for the single. one of the covers ended up being the cover of my Spotify and Apple Music playlists "on a wav."; a playlist dedicated to my musical inspiration and vibes for the "feel a wav" era. the second cover is never before seen so if you like unreleased stuff like that, head on over to the genius page and check it out cus it might not be posted publicly otherwise.

anyways, pls enjoy the content because there is more where that came from ! I love you guys so much and am always so grateful for the support. <3 I'll see y'all soon !

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