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Rxbyn Interview Now on IVOX+!

Hi, guys! Long time, no talk! I often forget I have a blog on here if I'm being honest, but a ton of things have been happening as well! But today, I wanna talk about a very special interview I did with the amazing crew over at iVox Media. A little over a month ago, I did this interview as well as a couple of performances of two of the new tracks from the EP that drops Feb. 11th! One of those tracks was indeed 'antisocial', haha. Had to give y'all some more content for that song as if I don't already have enough. But anyways, this interview meant a lot to me because, unbeknownst to the public, I believe this was my first time being interviewed about my life and my music career where I was NOT the one editing it or putting it together, making it happen, etc. So with that being said, I was extremely grateful for the opportunity.

I had such a wild time watching it all the way through the first time. I watched it with a couple of really close friends of mine at their house as I was spending the night. I experienced so many emotions going through that, but it was in the best way. I had never really verbally publicly spoken about my childhood, my influences, my family or my own experiences in that manner. I was not prepared at all for what they asked me, but they put it together so well! Shoutout to the entire team at iVox Media for the opportunity, especially Teylor (@lovesequel) for being so hands on with me and building the anticipation for me. She's such a genuine and talented soul. If you are not aware who she is, yu are missing out. If you aren't aware of who iVox Media as a whole is, you are MISSING OUT lol. But anyways, I was thoroughly pleased.

The 'i-motions' EP drops on February 11th and I honestly expected the interview to be out like months down the line since I knew they had so many other artists to prep and edit. I was happily mistaken, haha. It's funny how things fall into place. If y'all knew what was happening in my personal life and what I had to do to make some of these things possible, I don't know if the viewpoint would be the same lol. I almost cancelled that entire interview cause I had just got a new job and thought I was going to have to work throughout my time slot, I was also an hour drive from the filming location and I had zero money for that at the time, but by the grace of God and my loving family, we made it happen.

I don't wanna talk too much about it because I want you guys to go watch it and see for yourselves! If you have a Roku TV or and iOS or smart device, you can download the "IVOX+" app and watch it that way. Otherwise, you can log on to and register to watch it! It's a subscription-based service that only costs $6 a month, so it's very affordable and a plethora of amazing content from, for and by independent creatives. Couldn't be more proud to be apart of it. You can check out a snippet of the interview at this link! The episode is under 'IVOX MUSIC Season 1' when you get into the app. And don't forget to watch the other dope episodes and content they have! So many beautifully talented individuals! Keep shining and supporting your local creatives, guys. Until next time, i love you. <3



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